Enjoy our extremely stable Stand Up Paddleboards for up to 4 hours. We have many different boards to fit your needs. Please provide your age, weight, height, and SUP experience so we can choose the best board for you. Take your time enjoying our clean spring-fed lakes.  All safety equipment is included in your rental.



Enjoy our extremely stable Sit-In kayaks for up to 4 hours. These are not the small Sit-On kayaks that are easily tipped over. You can enjoy the waterways without swimming unless you choose to. Take your time enjoying our clean spring-fed lakes.  All Safety equipment is included in your rental. 



Our Megaladons will fit groups of up to 6 people and the family dog (15' long and 5' wide paddleboard).




Come join in the most fun pre-brunch activity in Orlando...Paddleboarding! It's great exercise that doesn't feel like exercise.

We paddle at several awesome local waterfront restaurants and then sit together for brunch. 

What's great about our events?  Your fee covers equipment rental, lesson or refresher, and guided tour with at least one instructor.




We paddle at several awesome local waterfront restaurants in Orlando to say goodbye to another day in paradise. The changing colors are magnificent on the water as the sun is setting. Occasionally, our paddles end up with a beautiful view of the moon as we linger on the water.

 We will teach you to Stand Up Paddle before we go on our water adventure. We'll guide you through the lakes for an awesome, memorable experience. It is a great way to enjoy nature safely.  We usually see fish, otters, turtles, birds, and  more. This experience is pet friendly. Children are also welcome. The whole family can enjoy being on the water together with one or multiple guides by your side. When you leave this experience you will have a new skill you can take on many new adventures in the future!



Nightime on the water is a beautiful, relaxing and surreal experience. Add in a full moon and it's just magical.

Your event fee covers all equipment, a lesson or refresher and guided tour with at least one instructor.

It's an amazing and memorable experience you'll never forget.



Enjoy a beautiful nighttime experience on the water. It's surreal to be out in the moonlight on your paddleboard or kayak. 

Event fee covers rental of equipment, beginner lesson or refresher and guided tour of the lake.

We provide glow necklaces to guests so we can light up the evening. 


Bioluminescence paddleboard and kayak

 Florida is one of the few places in the world that hosts legendary bioluminescent organisms that light up the water at night.

Paddleboard or Kayak to see the waters flicker with glowing bioluminescence and learn about the phenomenon from your guides on this tour.

Paddleboard/kayak tour of Mosquito Lagoon.
See the waters light up.

Guides provide safety and instructional briefing if necessary. This tour would not be appropriate for beginners who have never paddleboarded before. However, kayaks can be provided.

All equipment included.

Choice of paddleboard, kayak, or clear tandem kayak.

This tour is free with your own board or kayak.

We will meet at 8pm at Space View Park, 17 Orange St., Titusville, FL 32796 and then carpool to WSEG Boat Ramp, Mosquito Lagoon.

Tour will be limited to 15 or fewer rented vessels.

Please bring water or your choice of beverage and insect repellant.
Lake Life Paddle will provide flashlights and whistles for renters. If you have your own vessel, please remember to bring a life vest, flashlight, and whistle.

Your guides might have beer, wine, and snacks at our adventure. Please enjoy these and remember that we love tips! 


Puppy Paddleboarding & Brunch

 There's more than one way to walk your dog! Does your pup already love Paddling? Have you ever wondered if your pup would like it?

This is a meet up for the pups and the people who love them! Learn how to make your dog feel comfortable on the water, safety with your dog, how to get them on board if they fall off. Lake Jennie Jewell is a very clean, calm and safe lake to try out SUP or kayaking with your best friend.

The Waterfront is a dog friendly restaurant, so stay and enjoy a delicious brunch afterward! Also, one last thing...please use good judgment. If your dog doesn't play well with others, we can schedule you a private session with your pup.




There is no better place to quiet your mind than out in nature. Meditation is a powerful tool to create positive change in your life. This series of paddle sessions will combine paddleboarding and a guided meditation for a very unique experience.

We'll have a nice gentle float out to big Lake Conway via a beautiful tree lined canal. After we paddle and connect with our water environment, we'll anchor our boards and settle in for a very gentle yoga stretch and begin our guided meditation. There will be time afterward to enjoy the water on your own or just lay on the board and gaze at the sky and the water. We'll see fish and water birds, we do not see alligators out here.

Your guided meditation will include specially selected music.

It's not necessary to know how to paddle. Our paddleboards are extremely stable but you may want to wear clothing that can get wet. You are welcome to get off your board and enjoy the clean, clear water while we are out. It feels amazing.

Please bring a hat or small towel for your face if you need it. The sun can be quite bright in the morning.

Please bring water to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen if you need it.

This event will cancel in case of weather that includes high winds or rainstorms and you'll receive a full refund.



 We'll paddle through South Lake Conway, through the Nela Bridge and over to The Sand Bar. The Sand Bar with dozens of boats, floats, music, and fun in the water will be our home base for the rest of our adventure so bring your favorite beverages and snacks to enjoy!

We will exit the lake with a short paddle through a beautiful canal and you'll be able to walk a short distance back to your vehicle at Warren Park.

Paddle Puppies are welcome. If you have questions about what to bring for them, please message me.

*Bring sunscreen and waterproof bags for valuables.
*Bring Beverages and snacks.
*Dogs are welcome, please be mindful of their comfort.
*No, we never see alligators.

Please arrive early (8:30ish) to check-in and access the water so we can leave as a group at 9:00 sharp.

You can be early, but please don't miss the boat by arriving late.

Feel free to message us with any questions about our morning of paddling fun.

All bookings for rentals must be made in advance of this event.
Absolutely no sales will be allowed at Warren Park. No exceptions.  



Surrounding yourself in nature is the best way to enjoy the day and raise your vibration. After our on-land demonstration with Lake Life Paddle, we take a leisurely, guided, paddle tour of the beautiful waterway in and around Lake Conway.

Mid trip, we will experience a sound therapy while floating on the beautiful, refreshing, lake waters. We plan on stopping around or near the sandbar so we can anchor the boards. You will have the option to experience the sound journey on the board or floating in the water in your life jacket.

A sound healing is a deeply immersive, full body, listening experience that promotes a quiet mind, brings peace & calm to your nervous system, and awakens your connection to your higher-self.

On water sound therapy sessions with Seed of Sound (Ryan and Nina) can include Gong , Hang Drum, Shamanic Drum, Native Flutes, Floating Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, and other soothing and nerve calming instruments. Using harmonies, guided meditation, and techniques that move energy through the body to release tension and blockages; Seed of Sound will take you through a musical journey that can inspire healing, personal growth and connection to self. Seed of Sound's intention in the sound therapy practice is to create a calm environment, radiate love, and hold a supportive and compassionate space for participants and aid in self-healing.

No experience with yoga, stand up paddle boarding or meditation needed. Just come and unwind and relax for this special event on Lake Conway Sandbar.